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We aim to disrupt casual learning by transforming the World Wide Web into multiple open and structured learning paths that seamlessly integrate into our daily routine.
Yaron Fishman

Yaron is the leader of the pack. He has almost two decades of experience in leading and managing successful product lines and technological teams. Oh, and he can also play the ukulele which is always useful.

Ruthi Aladjem

Ruthi is a learning innovation and product expert. She holds a PhD in Educational Technology from Tel Aviv University, with a focus on informal learning enhanced by mobile technologies. She likes learning new things-hence, Knowsome.

David Frenkiel

David has 30 years of experience with existing and none existing coding environments. Dig deep enough, and you will find echoes of Fortran in his code.

Ofer Egozi
Machine learning & AI

Ofer has over 20 years of experience in Machine Learning, Natural Language Analysis and Recommender Systems. Previously CTO at Babylon for over a decade and System Analysts and Tech Group Leader at Sears Global.

Idan Gibly

Idan is a web developer. He holds a B.Sc in Mathematics from the Hebrew University. As such, he is a Math geek and plays mathematical games on his spare time.

Shai Efrat

Shai is our secret weapon, she contributes to everything, from content creation to technical tasks. Shai is an avid traveler and explorer, soon to embark on a new intellectual adventure, as she begins a degree in Linguistic, Roman and Latin-American studies.

Hadas Friedland Hayun
Pixel Crafter

Hadas is our genius art director, designer and illustrator. Hadas can turn all of our notes and ideas into a beautiful and vivid experience.

Nissim Tayeb

Nissim is a professional testing team manager, we are counting on his eagle eyes and sharp instincts to spot all our flaws.

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